Coloring Solution

Coloring Solution

This product is mainly finely synthesized by silicone oil polymer and toner. It is mainly used in the coloring of LSR liquid silicone, silicone resin, and functional A and B glues. It is added through the automatic feeding system colorant pump or glue mixing. It is used in 3C electronic protective cases, medical appliances, wearable accessories, and kitchen utensils. , sporting goods, cable accessories, auto parts, and other fields.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Color Paste Solid Silicone Rubber Masterbatch

· Common sulfur trace solutions

· Sulfur resistance and long vulcanization time solution

· LAB value digital color grading solution

· Functional color solutions


Visualized Quality Data Production Abnormality Solution
Xrite i-5 spectrophotometers Sulfur marks
Five light source color matching box Reduced hardness
UV tester Decreased viscosity
Viscometer The big chromatic difference in the DE value 
Sulfur meter

The large color difference between batches


Technical Focus

·LSR Professional supplier of liquid color paste

·Medical grade LSR liquid color paste

·One of the domestic large-scale suppliers

·Professional color paste supplier for mobile phone protective case

·LSR Professional supplier of cable accessories

·Professional supplier of wear accessories


• Insulation application
• Medical grade application
• 3C electronic application
• New energy flame retardant application