R&D, production, and sales of LSR liquid silicone rubber materials.

Founded in: Dongguan, Guangdong.

Production capacity: Monthly production capacity of 800 tons and an annual production capacity of 9,000 tons of liquid silicone rubber.

Certification: ISO9001 standard quality system, ROHS, REACH, FDA, LFGB, ISO10993.

Production equipment: Kneader, planetary mixer, filter press

SLBAO Silicone Additive

R&D, production, and sales of silicone additive: Vulcanizing agent, liquid silicone color paste, solid silicone color masterbatch.

Certificate: REACH、LFGB、FDA、ROHS、PFOA、PFOS, and ISO9001:2000

Strength & Service: 20+ experience in silicone coloring solutions. Providing free coloring formulation.

Testing Equipment: X Rite i-5 spectrophotometer, Five light source color matching boxes, UV tester, Viscometer, and Sulfur meter.


Solid Silicone Rubber

Silicone Material Solution

MOSEN is a liquid silicone rubber manufacturer that offers medical-grade silicone rubber, heat-resistant silicone rubber, and flame-retardant silicone rubber. These silicone rubbers include One-component liquid rubbers and Two-component liquid rubbers.

SLBAO, are supplying silicone additives. Include silicone rubber curing agent (vulcanizing agent). Besides the curing, we also offer silicone color pigment, including liquid silicone rubber color paste, and solid silicone rubber color masterbatch. 


Silicone gum

110 and 112 Methyl Vinyl Silicone Gum、101 Methyl Silicone Gum

Silicone rubber compound

High Temperature Resistant Silicone Rubber、Common Silicone Rubber for Molding and Extrusion、Standard Silicone Rubber for Molding and Extrusion、General Silicone Rubber for Molding and Extrusion、Economic Silicone Rubber for Molding and Extrusion、High Rebound Silicone Rubber、High-strength Silicone Rubber for Molding、Food Contact Silicone Rubber for Molding、Ultra-low-hardness Silicone Rubber、Modified Silicone Rubber for Molding and Extrusion、Addition-curing Silicone Rubber、Antistatic Silicone Rubber、Self-lubricating Silicone Rubber

Fumed silicone rubber

General purpose Fumed Silicone Rubber、Standard Fumed Silicone Rubber for Molding、Standard Fumed Silicone Rubber for Extrusion、Standard High tear strength Fumed Silicone Rubber for Molding、High-transparency Fumed Silicone Rubber、Economic Fumed Silicone Rubber for Molding、Economic Fumed Silicone Rubber for Extrusion、Economic High tear strength Fumed Silicone Rubber for Molding

Insulating silicone rubber

Ceramic Silicone Rubber、Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber、Electrical Insulating Silicone Rubber