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Vulcanizing agent

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One-component platinum vulcanizing agent Two-component platinum vulcanizing agent
Vulcanizing agent Vulcanizing agent
This product is mainly finely synthesized by silicone oil polymer and toner. Mainly used in LSR liquid silicone, silicone resin, and functional A, B glue Coloring, added through the automatic feeding system colorant pump or glue mixing, used in 3C electronic protective cases, medical appliances, wearable accessories, kitchen Furniture products, sporting goods, cable accessories, auto parts, and other fields
· Storing the curing solution · Vulcanization data solution
· Anti-poisoning solution

 · Solution for sulfur resistance and long vulcanization time

Vulcanizing agent


Wide application: 3C electronic wear, LED light strips, decompression toys, food-grade tubes, silicone bags, etc.

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